In the past week/In the next week

In the past week, I have:

  • Cheered on friends at the San Diego marathon
  • Nursed a really awesome sunburn from above event
  • Gotten a smart phone and wondered how I ever lived without one (still need to enter all my contacts–eesh!)
  • Prepared students for the ACT
  • Gotten new glasses–thanks to Henny at SEE Eyewear at the Beverly Center and the guys at the lab who literally worked a miracle to get my heavy duty prescription ready in a week so I could have them for the trip.
  • Gotten my car all tuned up, washed the outside, straightened the inside (still needs a good vaccuum)
  • Worked my last day at my admin job
  • Signed up for twitter and tweeted my first tweet (connectxcountry)
  • Gotten this blog up and running
  • Made food for friends who just had a baby
  • Held said baby–less than 2 weeks old!–amazing!!!
  • Watched a friend rock it at her first gig in over a year
  • Celebrated a friend’s graduation from grad school
  • Had many a dinner, coffee, and conversation with friends in LA before I leave
  • Found a subletter from Craigslist who went to the elementary school next to mine (she went to Claymont!)
  • Packed and straightened the apartment (still getting there)

In the next week, I will:

  • See family and friends from childhood, high school, college, and beyond
  • Get to Seattle
  • Hopefully stop peeling from the aforementioned sunburn
  • Watch a dream of 3 years become reality right before my very eyes!

Thanks for following along.  I look forward to seeing where we end up.


One Response

  1. I am so excited for you. You have been talking about this trip for so long and now you are actually doing it. I’m kinda jealous, but in a good way. =) Have a safe trip, and I hope it is everything you have imagined it to be.

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