Friend #1: Scott

At my favorite cove on Pacific Coast Highway at the beginning of the trip.

Wouldn’t you know that about 20 minutes into my trip, I had my first mishap.  I drove my side view mirror right into a bendy lane divider on Pacific Coast Highway.  If it had been target practice, I would have aced it with flying colors.  I blame it on the 4 hours of sleep I’d gotten the night before and my eyes still adjusting to my new glasses.  The back of the mirror just snapped, not broke off, so it should be a pretty easy fix.  I literally just started laughing out loud, turned back and tried to find the piece, and when I couldn’t, kept driving.

20 minutes into the trip, this happened.

I had lovely, patchy-cloud drive up Pacific Coast Highway and the 101 in order to find a Facebook friend on the side of the road near San Lucas, California. Interestingly, I began my trip with an anomaly (a vocab quiz for my SAT students).  All of my Facebook friends are people I have met at some point in my life, except for Scott Claassen.  We have a lot of mutual friends through a crazy church community in LA called Thad’s.  He and I are two strangers on somewhat similar, somewhat antithetical journeys.    If you think that I’m adventurous driving around the country, this guy is going around the country on his bicycle, taking what he calls a “carbon sabbath” for a year in order to drastically reduce his carbon footprint.  Check out his website: (in my blogroll), contribute to his journey, house him if he comes to your town.  I can attest that he is an easy stranger to meet, a gracious recipient, and very hungry! We met on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere to have a simple picnic lunch I brought from home.  We talked about our trips, we got to know each other, and then we explored the bizarre San Lucas cemetery, which was adjacent to our lunch spot.  As the breeze went from gentle to a steady, strong headwind that would greatly impede Scott’s journey, he went on his way to find a spot to camp for the evening, and I headed across the state to Lindsay, CA.

Scott, who is traveling around the country by bicycle:

Time to hit the road—more once I’ve gotten to San Francisco.


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