Friends #4 and #5: Cheryl and Leslie

I began Day 2 with a drive from Fresno to Frisco and saw llamas and longhorns in adjacent pens at a farm along the way! I continue to be amazed by the beauty of California, this time over Pacheco Pass near Gilroy.

Reservoir at the top of Pacheco Pass

Pacheco Pass

Had a yummy Vietnamese lunch in South San Francisco with college friend Cheryl. Our time together was too short, but we each offered each other some really valuable insights from our knowledge of each other and our past friendship: she to me about some possible career pursuits and I to her about the fact that she is so wonderfully relational. I hope to get more extended time with her in the not-too distant future.

Enjoying lunch at Ben Tre in South San Francisco

Then to high school friend Leslie in Redwood City, recently put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy with twins. We sat out in her beautiful back yard while her friendly golden retriever explored nearby. Leslie preceded me as drum major of the marching band in high school (we were totally cool back then, believe you me). We talked career, we talked family—both our families had known each other because of our older brothers, we talked life, we talked about the people we kept in touch with. Leslie is a brilliant woman doing brilliant things with human-centered design tool kits (I think that’s what they were called?) at Ideo. In her spare time, she does letter block printing and crochets; her husband built a beautiful shed in the back yard. They actually have crafty hobbies, which so intrigues and inspires me. She is 6 weeks away from giving birth to twins, so when she took off to go to a class for that endeavor, I headed across the bay to Oakland.

Leslie and I enjoyed the afternoon in her beautiful backyard.


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