Friend #19: Amelia

Currently, I don’t much remember the drive from Missoula.  I’ll have to look back at my pictures.  I met up with college friend Amelia in Salt Lake City, after getting sufficiently confused by the gridding system the city has in place.  I went to E 100 S rather than S 100 E.  Like really, Salt Lake City?  Amelia lives in the much less confusing Sugarhouse neighborhood which very much has a neighborhood feel with blocks upon blocks of darling homes.  We enjoyed a thoroughly leisurely day together, letting one moment flow into the next, which is a pretty probable M.O. for both of us.  When I arrived, 5 month old Jane was napping, so Amelia and I caught up on the basics.  We became friends in college and had a joint graduation party in December when there were piles of snow on the ground.  Amelia studied education, but not long after graduating, decided to go back to school for nursing, which she did in West Michigan, eventually landing in New York, which is where we last saw each other.  While in New York, she lived with another friend of ours from college, navigated big city life, and met her now husband, Pete.  It was a promising job prospect for him at a new company that moved them to SLC 2 1/2 years ago.  She continues to be a nurse at an oncology outpatient clinic 3 days a week and stays home with Jane the other days of the week.

Speaking of Jane, when she woke up and my heart had sufficiently melted, we ventured out for a walk in the neighborhood.  Seriously, I dare you not to melt!  Try it!

Sweet Baby Jane

Are you still with me?  What blew me away as we walked down the street was how Amelia could name and tell me details about each of her neighbors.  It was incredible!  Apparently, one of the neighbors made a chart for their entire block, and Amelia and Pete have it prominently placed on the refrigerator.  I have not heard of such an intentional choice to be neighborly in a long time.  How lovely.

Amelia and Pete's neighbor chart

And as we ventured beyond her street, Amelia often sprinkled her stories with the names of a solid and wide circle of friends.    She is a part of a book group, which is really more about visiting than about discussing the book (is there another format to a book group?).  It seems as though in their time in SLC, Amelia and Pete have rooted themselves in some good community.

We arrived at wandered through a lovely bookstore, The King’s English, and meandered back home.  It was so pleasant to not have to rush anywhere.  Since I’d never met Pete and Amelia hadn’t seen his new office, we went to visit him at work.  Pete showed off Jane and introduced Amelia, who introduced me and proceeded to tell every single person about my road trip.  It was really sweet.  The office sits on a hill on the east side of SLC and looks out across the entire valley toward the mountains on the other side.  This city is gorgeous.  Pete had to get to a meeting, so we didn’t get a lot of time together.  I’ll just have to come back for another visit!

I’ve always felt close to Amelia, understood by her, appreciated her radiant smile and contagious laugh.  And now she does that cute baby-talking mom-voice.  As our time together came to a close, Jane played and cooed on a blanket and this friend-turned-mom seemed to be really content, at home in her life.  And it was a thing of beauty.


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