Friends #20 and 21: Jason and Amy

I’m currently feeling a little rebellious….I’m secretly using my great aunt and uncle’s internet when they specifically asked me not to.  I unplugged the cable from their computer and plugged it into my laptop.  I tried to explain to my uncle that it would be fine, but the man will be 98 years old in a couple weeks, so he was more than a little hesitant.  But seriously, my aunt and uncle are both in their 90’s, and they actually have high-speed internet.  And they Skype.  And they celebrated their 70th anniversary on June 21st.  I could write an entry about them every day (and they will get their own entry in a couple days).  They are some of my favorite people on the planet.

Back to Salt Lake City with some other favorite people, though.  I did remember that on the drive from Missoula to SLC, the border of Idaho and Montana was the highest point I’d reached up until then (I’m a little obsessed with the altitude reading on my GPS).

I stayed with friends Jason and Amy in Salt Lake.  When I arrived into town, they made a late dinner.  We actually played around a little bit testing our food sensitivities.  I did food sensitivity testing back in February with Heewon An of Healthee Life.  I learned what foods worked well with my body and which didn’t based on a strength test she performed.  I radically changed my diet (have had minimal dairy and sugar/honey/molasses/anything besides fruit that’s sweet in the past few months), have had more kale this year than in my entire life, and by rocking it out with the middle=aged ladies at Curves, have lost over 20 pounds.  And let me tell you, Facebook was actually a really helpful tool in the process.  When I got home for the testing, I initially posted: “Goodbye cheese.  It was nice knowing you,” to which the first comment was hilarious:”Oh no!  Why are you breaking up with cheese?!”  A friend who lives in Ottawa, Canada sent a profoundly encouraging Facebook message when I was in the throes of establishing these new habits.  Other friends posted links on my wall.  I had never anticipated using Facebook in that way.

But enough of my health kick interlude.  Back to Jason and Amy.  Jason is pretty much like a little brother to me, and Amy is his spectacularly stellar wife.  Jason and I met through friends in Los Angeles, and I coached him through the Strengthsfinder assessment, which I’d been trained to use in grad school.  His life was pretty chaotic and unkempt at that point, but over the next several months I watched him become more steady and stable and get integrated into a group of friends.  He and another friend helped me with a short film project I was doing, which involved coming home with me for three days and filming my family.  During one scene which was shot at our kitchen table, Jason stood with a boom microphone (a microphone on the end of a long stick) raised above his head for 45 minutes straight.  He is a faithful and dedicated friend.

I was suspicious and protective when I first heard about Amy, but within a few moments of knowing her, my fears were assuaged.  She is brilliant (getting a Ph.D. at the University of Utah), organized (a good complement to Jason’s tendencies), genuinely friendly and so easy to be around, and caring and generous beyond compare.  She also has a great circle of friends, which testifies to Amy’s character.  I had the honor of meeting several of these friends at the wedding, some of whom I will actually be visiting on this trip.

Jason and Amy

I haven’t seen them since their wedding a year-and-a-half ago, and so I got to see their home in SLC, which so quickly became my home because of their hospitality.  We turned in pretty quickly that first night, but the next evening, we spent a couple of hours at a water park.  I don’t think I’ve laughed and squealed and screamed like that in a long time.  It would never have been something I would have come up with to do, but it was just so much fun.  Definitely different from being cooped up in a car.  And we climbed over 1000 steps to get to the top of all those slides.  After the water park, we grabbed some Thai food downtown at Thai Lotus near City Hall and the Library and then drove around the city to see Temple Square and the capitol building.  The next morning we grabbed a cup of Kona coffee at Bad Ass Coffee Company and talked about work and life and figuring it all out.  We’ve had many conversations like that before, and I know that we’ll be in each other’s lives until we figure it out.

Some pictures of downtown Salt Lake City:


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