Back in Action, Not in Blogging

Hello, dear readers. I have been back in the groove of visits for nearly a week now, having resumed on Saturday, but due to the large number of visits in my hometown of St. Louis which leaves little time to blog and to little access to internet, I have fallen about 30 people behind!

I continue to have an amazing time! So many visits. So many stories. Since Twin Cities, I headed through Madison and Milwaukee to Chicago. From Chicago, I headed through Des Moines to Kansas City. From Kansas City, I was supposed to head into Kansas and Oklahoma, but I came home to St. Louis to rest instead. I have been here for over a week now! In addition to reconnecting with many old friends, I have visited many of my old haunts and hangouts, and I even got to the new Busch Stadium for the first time….to see U2 in concert!

I leave here tomorrow to visit my grandma and other family in western Illinois. The initial route has been adjusted due to the longer-than-anticipated stay in St. Louis to accommodate the number of friends I have here. Will keep you posted and get the stories going. Thanks for bearing with me! It means so much to have you along for the journey.


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  1. hope I get to see you when you finally make it to Michigan.

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