How will YOU participate in Phase 2?

I’m so excited to be hitting the road again to connect in person with my online friends.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity finish what I started and continue to explore how social media affects the way we connect and build community.  It has been fascinating and life-changing to sit down with people I haven’t seen in years, but who I’m connected to online.  I will continue sharing my reflections with you all through this blog, and eventually I hope to combine anecdotes from the road with some social research and write a book.

To accomplish all this, I need your help.  So many of you were essential to the completion of Phase 1.  To those I visited: Thanks for the sacrifice of time out of your busy lives to visit with me, for the conversations, for treating me to meals and fun activities, for putting me up in your guest rooms and on your couches.  Also, thanks to the people who called and texted and made the miles go more quickly.  If you are reading this, thanks to YOU.

And now, as I enter Phase 2, I have given up my job, am moving out of my apartment (I have the bruises to prove it!), and have thrown everything into pursuing this dream.  Here’s the reality: In Phase 1, I covered 12.204 miles in 27 states over 8 weeks.  I visited a total of 112 out of a possible 176 friends.  To do this cost about $4500, most of which came from my own savings.  During Phase 2, I hope to visit far more friends–up to 285.

So I’m asking for your help now more than ever.  I need additional finances to complete Phase 2…..about $2500.

Here are some incentives!

  • If you contribute $5, I will send you a virtual high five!
  • If you contribute $10, I will thank you on Twitter.
  • If you contribute $25, I will send you a postcard from the road.
  • If you contribute $50, I will thank you on the Thanks page of the website with a link to a website of your choice.
  • If you contribute $100, I will thank you on the Thanks page with a link to a website of your choice AND send you a framed photograph of a scenic picture from the road.
  • If you contribute $250, I will thank you in the book I write afterwards (if/when published) AND do all of the above.
  • If you contribute $1000, I will visit you! (contiguous US only)

If you are interested in participating in this way, simply click on the “Donate” button on the left sidebar, and you will be directed to PayPal to complete your transaction.  Feel free to pass this onto others you think might be interested in this adventure.

As I’ve been packing to move out, I’ve come across some old notes I wrote to my Grandma.  Whenever my brother and I would write thank you notes to her, we would end them by saying, “I don’t have anything else to say, so I will say Love, Ann.”  Really and truly, I don’t have anything else to say.  What I have experienced on this journey has left me speechless, and what I’m left with is a whole lot of love.


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  1. Are you coming back to St. Louis? I have a song for you!

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