A Different Dream with Friend #175: Jason

Friend #175: Jason
Date and Location of Visit: Friday, October 14, 2011, Pei Wei, Ladue, MO
Known from: High school marching band
Last seen: 1996

Memories of Jason: I have a lot of memories of Jason.  He took me on my first date to the annual holiday choir concert.  He was my first boyfriend.  We went to my first formal dance together at Valentine’s Day.  I was a freshman; he was a sophomore.  And he could drive.  The relationship didn’t last all that long, but Jason and I continued to be friends in band through the rest of high school.  The last time I saw him was at his graduation open house at the end of high school.

About our Visit: Jason and I met for lunch not far from his office.  He does taxes for companies and high net-worth individuals.  I remember Jason wanting to be an oral maxillofacial surgeon, so this was a different path (thanks to the woes of organic chemistry), but the analysis and numbers really seem to suit him.  What also seems to suit him is working for a smaller company rather than the ginormous pressure cooker Price Waterhouse Coopers.  He gets more time with his wife and daughters (who he is already exposing to the wonders of marching band), and he has more influence among his colleagues.  Jason, like so many of the people I have been visiting from the marching band days, is a natural leader, and it was so fun to see that he has found a great niche.

It wasn’t always what he expected or dreamed of, though.  At one point, Jason wanted to pursue music and composition, so we talked about the tug between more creative endeavors and more “responsible”/”concrete” pursuits.  Like a true accountant-type, he said, “As a person, I can be pretty risk-averse.”  And the dream to pursue music changed to a dream that encompasses the life that he leads now.  It’s a different dream.  And he is living it.


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