A Church Homecoming with Friend #176: Tim (Tanya and Lucy)

Friend #176: Tim
Date and Location of Visit: Sunday, October 16, 2011, St. John UCC, Manchester, MO
Known from: Church growing up
Last seen: Last Christmas?

Memories of Tim: Tim and I grew up at church together, a year apart.  Tim and his older brother Todd both played trumpet, and my brother and I played trombone and French horn, so together, the four of us made up a brass quartet that would play at Easter and Christmas and on other special occasions.  Tim is now the Minister of Music at that church (in addition to working a day job during the week).

About our Visit: I went back to the church I grew up in and Tim and I caught up afterwards.  I got to meet his wife Tanya and their 4-month-old Lucy.  Tim, per usual, had a very busy Sunday morning–a bell choir introit, trumpet solo for special music, and playing trumpet along with a couple of the hymns.  That didn’t include a choir piece at the earlier service.  And, these different pieces also included calisthenics up and down the stairs from the choir loft to the sanctuary.  It’s always fun to see Tim in action.  He cares about what he does, he’s good at it, and the people of the community are so appreciative of his work and dedication.  It probably isn’t too common that people get treated to the sounds of a trumpet on Sunday morning.  And when I listened to him play, it struck me that in all of the conversations I’ve had with band alum, few of us still actually play, but Tim gets to play fairly often.  And people eat it up every time he does.

I got to see Tim’s parents, who have known me since I was at least a toddler, as well as many other long-time church members.  Every time I go back to that church, it is a sort of homecoming.  It is one of the few places on the planet where I am consistently called “Annie.”  So many of the older people, though they’ve aged even more since I’ve seen them, are still the same.  And I am always welcomed with excitement when I return. After the service, one older woman called to another, “Peggy!  Peggy!  Did you see that Annie Scharnhorst is back?”  Subsequently, I had lunch with each of them later in the week.  I don’t have it in me to say no to the little old church ladies.  And we did have lovely lunches.

I didn’t get to visit too long with Tim and Tanya.  They had family in town and there were things to attend to after the service, but I know our paths will intersect again soon.  And in the meantime, I’ll get to see some of Tanya’s amazing photographs of Lucy on Facebook and watch her grow!


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