Making a Difference with Friend #177: Katie

Friend #177: Katie
Date and Location of Visit: Sunday, October 16th, 2011, First Watch, Creve Coeur, MO
Known from: High school marching band
Last seen: 1996

Memories of Katie: Katie and I were a pair of sorts with a nickname in high school band: Frick ‘n Ann.  I remember her as caring and sweet, but also a whole lot of fun.  We had a lot of memories through the fall months from band trips and competitions.

About our Visit: Katie and I caught up over lunch at a yummy local chain called First Watch.  We had pretty much lost touch after high school, so she related to me the events of her life through college and afterwards to where she is now, in management in an insurance company.  Katie had a much-younger adopted sister, Stephanie, who was always tagging along to band events with their folks.  Stephanie is now graduated from college, which made me feel old, and Katie and Stephanie live together in Katie’s condo, which has been a good fit for both of them.

The day after we met, Katie had the last exam in a whole series of exams spread out over several months, which is the equivalent of a Master’s degree in her industry.  Her review book for this exam was something like 900 pages long.  Oy!  Unfortunately, because of the huge amounts of studying she needed to do, she’d had to hunker down and cocoon herself, so she was really looking forward to being done and returning to her social life.

When she’s able to be social, Katie does something I found really interesting…she spends a lot of her spare time volunteering with a whole group of people.  The benefits are twofold: She makes a difference in the community and she meets interesting, socially aware and involved friends.  In a town like St. Louis, which is very family-oriented, I think it’s probably pretty hard to be a single person.  But Katie has found a great way to be generous with her time and efforts.  In fact, she was just coming from the Ronald McDonald House when we met for lunch.

Katie is still just as fun and sweet as ever.  She asked so many insightful questions of me.  We haven’t been Facebook friends for that long (she is a part of a group of people who had friend requested me, but who I just let sit there for awhile because I was too overwhelmed with the prospect of this trip to accept anymore friends).  BUT, I’m so glad that we are Facebook friends and that I got the chance to catch up with her and will have the chance to stay in touch on life’s happenings through Facebook.


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