“Ann Says How’s it Going?” with Friend #178: Eddie

Friend #178: Eddie
Date and Location of Visit: Monday, October 17, 2011, Kaldi’s Coffee, Chesterfield, MO
Known from: High school marching band
Last seen: 2007

Memories of Eddie: Eddie was the person who wrote our marching band drill in high school–basically making the pictures that we made and determining how to go from one picture to the next.  I remember him as very creative and idealistic.  He wrote a song for jazz band when I was a senior that featured the French horn called “Ann Says Goodbye.”  We never did play it, but I can always say I had a jazz song written for me.  I last saw Eddie at a high school football game back in 2007 when I was home.

About our Visit:  Eddie has had a lot of changes in his life since 2007.  He is still writing marching drill for the marching band at my high school, but has also tried his hand at a few other things–teaching at a university, research, being a professional musician, business.  Since Eddie is so creative, it’s difficult for him to fit into a traditional work environment.  He also thrives in environments where he can teach and influence people.  But I think he has struggled to find a place where he can be truly fulfilled.

I can definitely identify with the struggle between the creative and the practical, but obviously right now, I’m not living out of the practical much at all.  I guess it struck me afresh what a privilege it is for me to be doing this–to be able to shirk some responsibility for awhile and live an adventure.  To be able to sit down with people and hear their stories, to meet with them literally where they’re at.  I’m catching so many people in the midst of transition and its discombobulating effects (as you’ll continue to see if I ever get these blogs written!).  But Eddie, true to what I know of him, isn’t giving up on the journey.


One Response

  1. Hey, the picture came out really nice!

    Thanks for the visit, Ann. I’m revising “AnnSays” for the MS band, which starts this week. Yes! I’ll let you know how it goes!

    Good luck the rest of the way! You are great!

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