Family Time with Friend #181: Daddy (and Mommy) B

Friend #181: Daddy B
Date and Location of Visit: Tuesday, October 18, 2011, Home of the B’s
Known from: Parents of junior high friend Susan
Last seen: November 2009

Memories of Daddy B: There was a group of us in band in high school who were close friends, and somewhere along the way, we took to calling each other’s parents Mommy and Daddy Last Name.  So my parents were Mommy and Daddy Scharnhorst.  The B’s hosted our friends’ annual holiday gingerbread house making event, which inevitably involved an annual frosting fight.

My most recent memory of Mommy and Daddy B was when they sent Susan and me off in a Uhaul to move Susan across the country from St. Louis to Seattle.  Daddy B gave a thorough introduction to the Garmin GPS he was lending us.  We also talked to them each night, including the night after I drove their daughter and all her earthly possessions off the freeway due to black ice in Montana.  And they’re still excited to see me….that’s love, people.

About our Visit: Mommy and Daddy B are so parental, and it was such a pleasure to sit and visit with them.  Actually, I just dropped in on them–it’s awesome to have people in my life I can do that with.  I knew they would be home because Daddy B had rotator cuff surgery and hadn’t yet returned to work (hence the sling in the picture).  Over and over again during my time in St. Louis, I am reminded of a sense of home.  Go figure. Because it is home.  But it’s still a wonderful feeling, obvious or not.

Daddy B has a quirky and vocal sense of humor and Mommy B is quieter and sweet.  We just sat and caught up on all the news.  Life news. Family news. They asked good questions.  They offered good advice.  I’ve had a knack throughout my life of adopting adults who are parental but who aren’t my parents (until I learned to appreciate my own parents), and the B’s are definitely in that cohort.

What I loved about my visit with them, beyond them being genuinely interested in and caring about my life, was the newness I sensed in them.  The living room (pictured below), which had always been flanked in a dark paneled wood a la 1970’s, was painted in a lighter color with trendy stripes.  Go Mommy B!  And the two of them seemed to have a newness in their relationship, too.  They had recently taken a trip to celebrate a big anniversary.  They visited a lot of the places from early on in their dating life and marriage and they were CUTE when they talked about it.  You could tell that they enjoyed reliving that time in their lives and reconnecting where they are now.  And the fact that I’ve been around their relationship for over half my life and have witnessed its natural ebbs and flows made it that much more awesome.

And, like many of the relationships I’ve had for over half my life, I know that we’ll be in touch and see each other again soon.  Until the next trip that brings me spontaneously to their living room!


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