Rethinking and Rejoicing

Hey everyone.  Thank you for your patience as I took an un-announced and unplanned blogging hiatus.  I have been fairly stationary in southeastern Michigan for nearly two weeks now, and have had some interesting insights.

I’m rethinking the blog.  Now that I’m about 50 people behind on Phase 2 of the trip and 100 people behind from before Phase 2, it really isn’t sustainable for me to continue blogging in the capacity that I have been (or haven’t been, as the case may be).  This saddens me because I have enjoyed the opportunity to relive the visits and reflect more upon them.  I also have viewed the blog as a way to honor the people who have taken time out of their busy lives to participate in this crazy social experiment.

But really, I didn’t think about the format of the blog before I started doing it after visit #1 back on June 13th.  I have a tendency (which can tend toward strength or weakness depending on the situation) to jump into situations without thinking too much beforehand, and so I did that with the blog, and now I can’t keep up with myself.

I have reached a milestone of sorts–I have visited over 1/3 of my friends!  If I think about the number of visits or the number of miles driven, I instantaneously require a nap.  I still struggle to find a way to visit, document, and rest, but I am so encouraged and energized and grateful for the opportunity to sit down with such quality people over and over again.  I am astounded by everyone’s willingness to open up their lives to me and at the timing of my visits.  Some of the people I’m visiting are in the midst of living a lot of life and to be able to intersect with such tragedy and triumph is a gift.

On Monday I head into new territory toward the east coast.  I have definitely visited new cities on this leg of the trip, but I will now venture into the meat of Phase 2.  As opposed to Phase 1 when I drove 9 hours to see one person, the drives are shorter and there are more people in each place.  This greater density of people can create a problem for the blogging, too.  The last time I posted I went to use wifi and had about 5 hours, planning to spend the majority of it blogging.  Instead, I sent emails to the 50+ people I could visit in southeast Michigan for 4 hours and blogged for 1.  It’s a lot more coordinating and corresponding, but such is the case with the literal constantly shifting landscape that is my life’s adventure.  I arrive in Boston the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Between now and then I hit Akron, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Ottawa (Oh Canada!), Vermont, and New Hampshire–many places I have never visited!

So thank you for your patience with me as I sort out how to do this.  I will be posting about my visits, but it will probably be extremely abbreviated.  And hopefully, I will be able to post about some larger lessons I am gleaning from this experience.  In the meantime, I am pleased to report that it has not gotten too ridiculously cold for this Cali girl, and it hasn’t (really) snowed….yet.


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