Friend #188: Emily (and Tyler)

Friend #188: Emily (and Tyler)
Date and Location of Visit: Monday, October 24, 2011, Caribou Coffee, Chicago, IL
Known from: High school
Last seen: November 2007

High school friend Emily, along with her son Tyler, and I met up for coffee one morning in Chicago, Illinois.  Emily was the choir/musical theater equivalent to what I was in band.  I remember her playing the role of Lily in The Secret Garden and how her beautiful voice would ring out over the sounds of the orchestra where I sat.

Emily pursued music in college, one of the few from our class to do so.  But she had to stop due to vocal strain.  She wound up in Chicago when she attended Rush for speech pathology, but has landed back in a creative field.  She is a very talented photographer.  Just the day before we met, she was climbing all over train tracks in downtown Chicago for an engagement shoot–and she’s pregnant!  It’s a profession that started as a hobby and a passion, taking pictures of Tyler as he grew.  Now, she’s almost too busy, with some of her business coming from high school friends.  She did portraits for Facebook friend Jenny‘s family on a visit to St. Louis, as well as several others.  If you’re in Chicago or St. Louis and need a photographer, look her up here.  She’s running a promotion on Facebook that if you “Like” her page, you get a discount!  And thanks to the friends of mine who supported Emily as she was given the cover shot of Best Baby Photographers on Facebook!

Emily and her family, like so many on this trip, are in a season of transition.  With #2 on the way, they are thinking about some bigger-picture life/family stuff, while putting one foot in front of the other for the everyday tasks at hand.  But when it comes to thinking about pictures, big or small, Emily has a good eye, so I’m sure everything will become crystal clear.


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