Friend #189: Carrie

Friend #189: Carrie
Date and Location of Visit: Monday, October 24, 2011 at The French Market, Chicago, IL
Known from: Elementary School
Last seen: November 2007

After our morning coffee, Emily dropped me off at the French Market, adjacent to the train station in downtown Chicago, where I met elementary school friend Carrie for lunch.  Carrie was the youngest sibling in her family and the only girl, so she was a tomboy growing up.  She was always good at sports, except for the season of time when she broke her collar bone.  I can still call to mind the brace she had to wear way back when.

Carrie has recently moved to Chicago from St. Louis, but she was making frequent trips back to watch the Cardinals on the road to the World Series win.  More inspiring than the world championship, though, is Carrie’s perspective on life.  She has recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and doesn’t take a moment for granted.  So she takes trips to various parts of the globe, she goes home to cheer on her beloved Cardinals, she moved to Chicago to be closer to her boyfriend.  She has accepted the nuances of her new reality.  But at the same time, she doesn’t live in it–in the threat of what could come.  She just lives.  And it’s full and vibrant and hopeful and beautiful.

And this just in!  Carrie and I just corresponded on Facebook. When we visited, she was unemployed, and now she has a new job!  Congratulations, Carrie!


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