Friend #190: Heather

Friend #190: Heather
Date and Location of Visit: Tuesday, October 25, 2011, Freshii, Chicago, IL
Known from: Preschool through high school
Last seen: November 2007

Heather is my second oldest friend.  We met when we were 3 years old in preschool and were in elementary school and girl scouts together.  We lived in the same neighborhood and would ride bikes to each other’s houses.  Heather always had a lot more Barbies than I did, so I liked playing at her house.  And her mom made amazing chocolate chip cookies (a different recipe from the one on the back of the Toll House package).

Heather and I had a heck of a time meeting up.  My train was delayed and then I wandered around the wrong block looking for the restaurant where we said we’d meet.  My landmark was that our lunch spot was across from a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop.  Who knew that there would be Jimmy John’s in the same spot on the block on two different blocks one block apart.  Plus, the roads were Madison and Monroe, and I always get those old “M” presidents mixed up anyway.  By the time I got there, Heather had already left, and we were only corresponding by Facebook message.  It was quite an ordeal.  BUT, we eventually did find each other and had a few brief moments to chat.

I last saw Heather at our 10-year reunion, where we talked about the joys and trials of life in Los Angeles, where she and her husband lived for a few years before moving to Chicago.  Heather is an attorney who works long hours for a big firm downtown. She’s good at what she does, but the work presents it’s challenges.  I really wish we had had more time together because we so identified with each other’s place in life, but we were coming from completely opposite perspectives: her with a firmly established career and me with just a bunch of jobs strung together.  And sitting across from Heather and looking at her face, which has been a part of my memories for 30 years, there is a comfort in the presence of an old friend, no matter how much time passes or distance separates us.  She will always be one of the first people I ever called friend.


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