Friend #192: Lisa

Friend #192: Lisa
Date and Location of Visit: Tuesday, October 25, 2011, Maya del Sol, Oak Park, IL
Known from: High school marching band
Last seen: 1996

I met up with high school friend Lisa at a restaurant that was going to be featured on the local Chicago PBS program “Check, Please!” later that week….I’m glad we got in when we did because I’m sure had it been the following week, there would have been a huge wait.  Watch the video here. Maya del Sol in Oak Park had wonderful drinks and food.  And the company was wonderful!  Lisa was so warm and so enthusiastic about the trip.  And it was great catching up.

Lisa had a bit of an edge to her in high school, and as she would say, it took her awhile to find her way, but now she’s landed in such a great spot–as the school counselor at an all-girls high school.  She was in the midst of writing college recommendations for the seniors when we met, and since she’s the only counselor, she writes the letters for every single girl.  I can see her being the type of counselor that wouldn’t pull any punches if need be because she’s been around the block and has probably cooked up a good scheme or two in her own right.  But I also believe (and my beliefs were confirmed by the stories she told) that she’s the type of person who the girls just walk into her office and pour their hearts out to her.  Lisa did a lot of searching and eventually found her way, and that search left her very centered and settled in herself, which makes her the perfect person to provide guidance to meandering high school girls in the midst of life’s journey.  I can attest that she is so easy to be around that I completely lost track of time and became late to my next visit!


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