Because of Facebook

Days like today are why I love this journey.  I’m talking present tense now, like today, December 4th, 2011.  I’m in New York City, Harlem at the moment, and because of Facebook, I’m about to head to see a friend who would typically be in Tokyo, Japan.

Ann is a friend from high school (coolest name ever, right?), and in the course of the trip, I have visited several of our mutual friends.  She sent me a friend request a couple months ago, and I gladly accepted, mostly because she is awesome and only slightly because she lives in Tokyo, and I knew that Lil’ Blue and I wouldn’t be able to make it across the Pacific, so it wouldn’t add any stress or planning to my life.  I know that she’s been following along on the journey from some of her “Like”s on Facebook.  And wouldn’t you know, I was checking Facebook on my phone the other day, and I saw that Ann posted this:

“What I’ve done in preparation for our weekend in NYC: packed two umbrellas (talismans against rain), checked Wikipedia to see if Brooklyn is in Manhattan. It’s not.”

I responded with a comment: “I’m in NYC this weekend!”

Ann sent me a message with her contact info, and wouldn’t you know, we’re meeting at the tree at Rockefeller Center in less than an hour.  She lives in Japan.  I live in LA.  And we’re meeting in New York City.

This is one of the things I love most about Facebook–an opportunity to connect that would otherwise have gone unknown. I’ve had this type of thing happen on multiple occasions.  In fact, the same thing happened 3 years ago (almost to the day!) with a couple I’m seeing later today.  Wen and Justin live in New York but were coming out to LA.  Wen contacted me on Facebook to see if I still lived there and if I wanted to get together.  And I did.  So we did.

The brunch I had with Wen and Justin was the first time I’d seen someone in person as a result of a connection on Facebook.  The trip had already been an inkling in my mind, but they were the first manifestation of how great connecting in person could be.  My moments with Wen and Justin served as an inspiration and benchmark that have continued to fuel the flame of what this trip could be to this very day.  And it’s all happening because of Facebook.  And because Ann and Wen and Justin and I are all people who want to connect in person.  And because I have just about the awesome-est life anyone could ask for right now.

Gotta go catch my train to Rockefeller!


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