Home: With Family

Hello, friends.  Greetings from the Gateway to the West:  St. Louis!  And a welcome back to you and to me.  I know it’s been awhile.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I returned to Los Angeles and saw 50 people in 30 days while living in 4 different locations (hence the lack of writing), hit some milestones (to be described in a future post), and then drove (yes, drove. why not?) back to St. Louis for my dad’s wedding on April 1st.  Since then, I have remained in St. Louis to make some headway on the gargantuan task of sorting through our house to get it ready to go on the market.  I’ll be here another couple weeks before landing again (and for good?) in the City of Angels, hitting up a few more Facebook friends along the way and bringing the cross country traveling portion of Connecting Cross Country to a close.

So, since I’ve been home, it’s been busy.  My brother and sister-in-law and nieces came to town for the wedding, and we went to the circus!  I’ve never been to a 3-ring circus before, and the kids loved it, and we got to spend time with my brother’s good friend and his family (FB friends #57 and 58, Matt and Jen).  There were elephants, which my brother’s family rode, and tight-rope walkers and tigers who walked tight-ropes too. Oh my!

Then we had the wedding, which was decidedly NOT a circus.  It was a lovely ceremony and fun reception.  In preparation, I think I tried on about every dress in my size along Interstate 40, but landed on this little black dress at Nordstrom’s at the St. Louis Galleria.  It was a lovely experience shopping there.  The saleswoman traversed the entire upper floor for every dress she could find (including a few with a $1000 price tag which I tried on!) until we landed on this one.  She even emailed me the day after the wedding to see how it all went.  Incredible customer service.

Then there’s this pretty lady: my Grandma.

I spent her 92nd birthday with her on April 5th.  We had dinner with her “birthday group,” a conglomeration of colleagues from the days my grandpa was working who gather each month to celebrate the birthdays of those born that month.  Over the years, the group has dwindled from 15 to 8 (two were too ill to come that night and one was wintering in Florida), but they keep this 30-some-odd-year tradition going strong.  They go to the same restaurant and have the same waitress.  Whomever has the previous birthday plans the next outing.  It’s a beautiful manifestation of committed community.

Grandma always tells the story of the day she was born…her older brother and sister remember walking along a snow drift as high as the fence.  This year, you would have been comfortable in a tank top and shorts.  It’s not that I didn’t believe grandma about the weather on her DOB, but I have often thought, “Maybe the snow wasn’t really that high,” or “Surely it couldn’t have been that cold.”  Then she and I were watching the evening news before bed, and the weather forecast comes on.  Sure enough.  The record low on April 5th was recorded in 1920, the day my grandma was born, at a whopping 15 degrees.  I’m a believer.

It was a good first week at home spending time with family.  More stories to come!


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  1. You made a great selection and looked beautiful at the wedding. Please wish your grandmother a happy belated birthday from me. It would be great to have Korean BBQ with her again. I’ll see you soon.

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